Week #27 and Upholding Standards of Character at Home

Last week learners in our Elementary Studio had a Socratic discussion about how Acton is for anyone, but not for everyone. To dig deeper into this reality, they were asked to imagine hosting a Saturday tour (which we’ve been doing a lot of) and consider this question: 

“Based on your experience so far, what  is most important for prospective families to know about what it takes to be successful at Acton Academy Lakewood?
  1. Leading by example, or refusing to be a victim?
  2. That parents believe in you enough to get out of the way (give you a hug and send you back into the game), or that parents support you by holding standards of character at home?
  3. Always being curious, or being able to give and receive and feedback?"

It was a wonderful discussion. One learner said, “Holding standards of character at home. Because without that, you may be able to have strong character at Acton, but you won’t be able to anywhere else.” Another learner responded, “That’s an excuse. If you can do it here you can figure out how to do it anywhere!”
As usual, both comments offer valuable insight. At Acton, we deliver on our promises in partnership with families. As families uphold standards of character at home in their own unique way, learners are provided a foundation to grow at Acton in a way that transfers to other parts of their lives.

At Acton, learners get to ask themselves, “Who will I be when my parents aren’t watching?” Outside of Acton, learners get to ask, “Who will I be without the accountability systems of Acton Academy?” Growth often happens this way, as expanding circles of mastery. What a pleasure to bear witness to!
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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