Comments from Acton Academy Lakewood Parents

"We are starting to see REAL, TANGIBLE changes in our son's thought process, reasoning skills, communication, and response! Acton has been one of the biggest blessings we could have ever stumbled upon.

If you are interested in a new school or finding a reasonably price private program for your learner, please reach out with questions and schedule a tour with Molly at the school.

We have been greatly blessed by this."
"My child often is dressed, ready, and begging to get to school early. I couldn't ask for more than that. I love that school no longer feels like an institution as public school did and that the learner has ownership of his own learning. Learning is fun now and no longer forced and boring. He does things on his own now and is much more independent since attending Acton. We love that the learners hold each other accountable. We could not be more pleased with Acton Academy and the Guides at Acton Lakewood."
"Today we said "see y'all later" to our amazing teachers and first school in Texas. These two amazing humans helped create space for our children to experience normalcy and fun in a year of uncharted waters for every human, but specifically for teachers and students!

We are forever grateful for Acton Academy Lakewood. Molly and Dominick you are special people and have a special place in our family's heart forever! You have a talent for making learning an adventure and seeing the gifting inside each child!

We invested 1.5 hours of drive time daily round trip so our kiddos could experience this and it was worth every minute. We are grateful that now more options have opened closer to where we live but honestly our experience here made it hard to decide. That's saying a lot. Thank you to Molly Franklin Lucia and Dominick A. Lucia and to all teachers who see this! You have a gift the world needs. Keep bringing your gift to all us parents who need you! You are seen!"
"I love this school so much. Molly and Dominick are so good with our boys. They have grown so much in the short amount of time they've been attending the school. I love the Socratic method that is used. And I, too, have grown so much as a parent."
"Really like the philosophy. My 9-year-old daughter likes to go to school. Like the 6-week intense subject deep dive. Very pleased with the experience."
"Everything about the school aligns so well with our family. It feels like we have found a unicorn! We love the teaching methods, the information being taught, the families, and of course the teachers."
"I love the way that Acton teaches personal responsibility, free-thinking, self-guidance, is custom-paced, with lots of interaction with the other children."
"Acton Academy offers flexibility and empowers our daughter to learn in a way that best suits her needs. The structure and emphasis on outdoor time are the best! We think that Molly and Dominick are amazing guides! Our daughter is 4 years old and can be a challenging child at times, and we think that they work together wonderfully, thoughtfully and collaboratively. We think that Acton Lakewood will offer her the best opportunities to grow personally and intellectually."