Week #19 and Finding Their Unique Gifts

At Acton, apples are a big deal (notice the apple on the cover of Courage to Grow). Regularly, we bring out a bowl and and talk about how they vary in shape, size, and color, then we slice one horizontally to see the star and seeds of potential that each one has inside. We ask, “How would you nourish these seeds of potential?” and “How do you nourish your own seeds of potential?” It’s a sweet time.

Recently, we brought out the apples but then introduced a new metaphor after watching this video of a man cracking open a geode:

We are sitting here right now for one reason. And it's a reason most people in the world will never experience. We are sitting here right now to unlock each person's unique treasure inside. Yes. It is through this 15 minutes we have together right now that we discover emotions and how to describe them, communication skills to make us powerful people, and stories to show us way. 

Are the gifts inside you more like apple seeds that need to nourished with soil, water, and sunlight, or are the gifts inside you more like a geode that with the proper tools, can be cracked open to experience the treasure inside?
“Definitely a geode. I like those tools!”
“Mine are apple seeds. I like taking care of things.”
“A geode, because it’s beautiful.”

Last week, we finished off Session Four: Coding and Robotics. When the teams were in the middle of building their robots, this conversation ensued:
Learner: It’s too much. My teammates aren’t helpful (and annoying!) and I haven’t been able to  figure it out. I’m going to take and come back fresh.
Guide: What are your teammates doing right now?
Learner: Trying to figure it out, but they won’t be able to. I got the wrong team.
Guide: The teams were made with each person’s strengths in mind. Are you able to see theirs right now?
Learner: No
Guide: It’s like the outside of a geode. I wonder when we will see the inside?
Learner (15 minutes later): They did it!
Guide: Do you see a little bit of their treasure?
Learner: Yes

Next session is community gardening. Will the metaphor of choice be seeds, or geodes?

Have a wonderful, snowy week,
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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Photos from last week.
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