Year 3, Week #6 and Spark Joy

It started with a three-legged race. Sparks (preschool-Kinder) giggled with delight as they stood closely next to their partner and watched duct tape carefully wrap onto their clothes so that four legs would become three.

After two ecstatic races on three legs, their heads were spinning with ideas: 
"Can we ALL be taped together?" 
"It needs to be a line."
"No, it has to be a circle."

So, we made a circle and a line, and had another race.   

Watching them try to race, fall down, get stuck, laugh some more, and say "Good game" to each other, I was struck by how important these kinds of experiences are and how close these children have become. 

This is our foundation at Acton Academy Lakewood--our youngest children thrilled to be duct taped together. I couldn't be more grateful.

Molly Franklin Lucia, M.Ed.
Head of School
Preschool-Kinder is a special time. Spark (our program for preschool-Kinder) is the best way to prepare your child for our Elementary program, and an excellent way to prepare them for anywhere else they may land.

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