Year 3, Week #3 and Group Deliberation

Roughhousing. Children love it. And, it's good for them. While not allowed at most schools, at Acton Academy Lakewood, when there is responsibility, there is freedom.
To prepare for "roughhousing right," elementary learners launched into last week watching this video as food for thought, having a Socratic discussion about it, and bringing insight they have from previous experience:

The video says that roughhousing is good for you. Do you agree or disagree?

This video was made for the audience of fathers and their children, and the content is only about that. What do you know about roughhousing that is missing from this video? 

What’s most important for the bigger, stronger person when roughhousing--protecting the smaller, weaker person, carefully challenging them with new experiences, or holding back strength to make it more equal?

How is roughhousing with your dad different than roughhousing with your friends at school?

What going to be most important for being able to roughhouse all year at school--making the right guardrails or holding each other accountable when the guardrails are violated?

Imagine roughhousing with someone who does not intuitively know how to do it right. What guardrails do you want them to know about?

The experience of group deliberation about roughhousing transferred to other kinds of community engagement throughout the week.

The discussion that led to a list of guardrails for "roughhousing right" was long and lively. While some learners wanted detailed rules, others wanted statements that would cover many details at once. These learners were, in essence, learning group deliberation by getting something done that they cared about. With the guardrails in place, they could enjoy roughhousing during free time.

Sparks start small and often exercising their group deliberation skills through simple activities such as using watercolors.

The ripple effects of these skills will continue throughout the year!

Here's to roughhousing right (at home and school!),
Molly Franklin Lucia, M.Ed. 
Head of School

Photos from last week at Acton Academy Lakewood.
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