Year 3, Week #2 and Learning Mindset

This is the secret to being able to take on any learning and any challenge, and it's foundational to how we roll at Acton.

Last week, we worked with this concept in both studios.

In the Elementary Studio, we had a discussion about learning and challenges by thinking of our brains as a bunch of rubber bands. Each rubber band represents a different skill or ability, and these bands are different sizes in each brain. We are each born with a different set of rubber bands – people are born with larger bands for some skills (these are their “seeds”) and smaller bands for other skills. All of the bands are elastic, and they can become larger if they are used. The smaller a band is, initially, the more uncomfortable it can be to stretch it – but it will stretch. People are generally more inclined to stretch their larger rubber bands because they have the least resistance. This is great; it is wonderful to find and grow natural talent. However, our community also focuses on supporting learners as they stretch their short rubber bands so that they will discover new gifts and talents that will bring them joy.

This growth mindset language permeates everything we do at Acton, from Sparks (preschool-K) learning how to skip or read to older Elementary learners learning how to lead a Socratic discussion. Instead of calling children "smart," we say things like "You did it! You overcame so many obstacles and kept going. Wow! What's the next step?" 

As the video above so beautifully articulates:

We are born to learn.
Slowly, surely, you stumble, slip, fall, fail, and fall again...
Frustrating, confusing, trying, until one day, we walk.
One foot in front of the other, one idea on top of the next, each wrong answer making your brain a little bit stronger.
Failing is just another word for growing, and you keep going.
This is learning.
Knowing that you'll get it, even if you haven't gotten it yet.
Because the most beautiful complex concepts in the universe are built on basic ideas that anyone, anywhere can understand.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, you only have to know one thing.
You can learn anything.

Wishing you joy in whatever you are learning this week,
Molly Franklin Lucia, M.Ed.
Head of School

Photos from last week at Acton Academy Lakewood

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