Year #1, Week 41!

Our next to last week of the summer session at Acton Academy Lakewood was amazing! The boxes below are for the silent film our Spark Studio learners are making. Stay tuned for the premiere in a few days!

Play is so important for young children, so we make lots of time for it in our Spark Studio at Acton Academy Lakewood. One of the key elements of high-quality play is experimentation with rules. Here, our learners are doing just that--trying out “Duck, Duck, Goose” standing up!

The joy of sitting in a high place. At Acton Academy Lakewood, we support our learners in implementing their adventurous ideas in a safe manner aligned with their unique skill level. 

At Acton Academy Lakewood, we realize that children are energized by doing hard things and we seize opportunities for learners to do the heavy lifting to make good things happen for themselves and their studio mates. These big boxes found on the street need to get to the school to become props for the film they are making.

At Acton Academy Lakewood we embrace the skilled use of real tools for all ages. This week, the box cutter was a favorite. Long pieces of grass are great for practicing on!
At Acton Academy Lakewood we love taking care of things and leaving places nicer than you found them. Keeping a new plant moist for a neighbor was a favorite activity this week.

Our learners are so proud of the wonderful things they build with blocks! Taking a photo before having to dismantle at cleanup time helps children honor their work and move onto the next thing in the routine.

In addition to specific materials for learning reading, writing, and math, at Acton Academy Lakewood we have time for open-ended play as well.

In the Spark Studio at Acton Academy Lakewood, learners use Montessori materials, games, and puzzles to lay a joyful foundation in reading, writing, and math.

About once a week, we visit Tietze Park, a neighborhood gem with wonderful climbing trees with horizontal branches. Each time, learners challenge themselves while also being mindful of staying safe.
At Acton Academy Lakewood, we walk to Tietze Park (.7 mile) at least once a week unless it is below 40 degrees, stormy, or raining hard. Traveling outside in all sorts of weather helps young children become resilient.