Year 1, Week 40!

This week on the playground, there was a lot cooked up under the bridge (in the shade)! In the Spark Studio at Acton Academy Lakewood, we embrace time for pretend play, where young children work with universal themes (good guys/bad guys, protecting/guarding what is precious, winning/losing well) in a deep way.

In the Spark Studio at Acton Academy Lakewood, learners use Montessori materials, games, and puzzles to lay a joyful foundation in reading, writing, and math.

In addition to specific materials for learning reading, writing, and math, at Acton Academy Lakewood we have time for open-ended materials as well. Our learners love to apply their skills to working with Legos.

Every day at Acton Academy Lakewood, we take an afternoon walk through our wonderful neighborhood of Lakewood Heights with fresh eyes. This space between fences has become a favorite place to be inspired by studio mates and improve one's own climbing skills. 

This session at Acton Academy Lakewood, our project is to produce a film together. Here, two learners practice a battle scene, learning how to go slowly for effective fight choreography.

Our learners have been having a blast with the 6 foot long, 36-inch diameter tube we need as a prop for our short film (the project this session). Their balance and teamwork skills have sharpened from working with this tube. 

About once a week, we visit Tietze Park, a neighborhood gem with wonderful climbing trees with horizontal branches. Each time, learners challenge themselves while also being mindful of staying safe.

Every week on the .7 mile walk to and from Tietze Park, we find new things. The spray from a construction site water spigot was a welcome reprieve from the heat!