Why Week #1 is Special

At Acton Academy, we believe that each person has a gift, and can learn to use this gift to serve others and fulfill a need in the world that they care about deeply.

Having such an end in mind is significant. All the baby steps have to get there (not just to a test score, occupation, or even a salary). What does this target mean for week #1 of a new school year with two studios (one for preschool-Kinder, one for 1st-5th)? 
How do we begin with the end in mind? At Acton, we dial back and keep it simple and fun!
While Sparks (preschool-Kinder) build community mostly by playing together, the Elementary learners build community largely through games, team-building activities, and time for Drop Everything and Read (DEAR).
What basic behaviors are in the way of their gifts being known to themselves and each other? What will they be unlearning from past experiences? What motivates them to do work hard? What flavor of Acton systems and learning design is best for this unique group of young learners? 

These are the questions that Dominick and I wrestle with every day as we observe and guide this new group of young people into becoming a group of young heroes on a Hero’s Journey.

With excitement for week #2,

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