Week #9 and Self-Control

“Which of the following, measured when a child is 11 years of age, is the best predictor of happiness and overall life satisfaction roughly 20 years later, when that child has become a 31 or 32 year-old adult?

B. Grade point average
C. Self-control
D. Openness to new ideas
E. Friendliness

The answer: C. Self-control”*

Last week, our Elementary Learners participated in our version of the famous Marshmallow Experiment to help them think about their ability to defer gratification (exercise self-control).

The first thing our Elementary Learners asked: "If we wait until the end of the day, can we have 3?" Ha!

What followed was a fascinating Socratic discussion around these questions:

When is self-control most powerful?
  • Sticking with a difficult task?
  • In relationships?

When is self-control most difficult?
  • When you feel excited?
  • When you feel bored?
  • When you feel angry?
  • When you feel stuck?

When does a Hero on a Hero's Journey need self-control most?
  • The call to action?
  • When mentors cross their path?
  • The abyss?
  • Something else you see on our Hero's Journey map?

At Acton Academy, we identify opportunities for delaying gratification throughout the day and celebrate self-control. The result: happier children who are proud to be forging strong character. After all, character determines destiny.
Have a great week,
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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*Sax, Leonard, The Collapse of Parenting, Chapter 6.