Week #34 and Freedom

Every day is a wrestle with freedom at Acton! After all, ideas popularized by the American Revolution are cornerstones of our little civilization. Through contracts, covenants, Town Hall, court, and systems of accountability, learners participate in the care and reinvestment of their civil society every day.

July 4th is also a time to brush up on early American history (see examples below) and celebrate!

Here are three samples from discussions last week:

1. After reading about fighting in North America between the English, French, and Spanish, learners were asked: 
What display of leadership by William Pitt most helped the British achieve victory?
-Supplying soldiers with all the food, ships, and ammunition necessary instead of spoiling himself (as many leaders do), or
-Uniting colonial soldiers and British “redcoats”?
Imagine you are a part of a group project. Is it more important that you and your studio mates have the actual tools to succeed, or are united in approach to work and goals? 

2. After reading about the American Revolution, learners were asked:

If you were a member of the Second Continental Congress, what are you most looking for in the man to lead the colonial army against the British:
-Passion and determination,
-Fearlessness and bravery,
-Wit and intelligence, or
-Ruthlessness and aggression? 
Which famous statement of the colonists do you believe in the most: “no taxation without representation”, or “give me liberty or give me death”? 

3. After reading about building the new country, learners were asked: 

Was George Washington’s refusal to serve a third term a heroic act or a selfish act? 

Ready for your child to exercise their freedom muscles every day and engage in tough questions about American History?  Schedule a tour or give us a ring (214-868-6686) to take the first step.
Molly Franklin Lucia, M.Ed.
Head of School

Photos from last week.