Week #32 and Serious Fun

Learning and growing are some of the funnest things in life and we want our environment to reflect this. That’s why we start the year with lots of fun team-building activities and end the year with opportunities to earn "Summer Style" celebrations.

When learners know there's going to be time to let loose, be silly, and make endless jokes, they are more willing to honor the time we have set aside for hard work. As they bond together through the work and the play, they learn that fun takes on many forms--the obvious kind pictured here, but also the kind that comes from hitting goals and belonging.

It's one of the ways we merge joy and rigor and learners catch on to the concept that discipline=freedom at Acton Academy Lakewood.

Ready for your child to belong to a tightly knit group of children who have serious fun? Schedule a tour or give us a ring (214-868-6686) to get started.

Molly Franklin Lucia
Head of School

More photos from last week.