Week #31 and How to Find a Calling

You'll see "Find a calling, change the world" on Acton websites around the globe, on Acton t-shirts and banners in studios. The phrase is terrific material for a hearty Socratic discussion: Do you hear a calling from inside or outside yourself? Do we find one or many? Was it lost or waiting to be discovered? Why does it matter?

“Find a calling, change the world” can sound “pie in the sky” or even like an empty promise until we begin to bring it down to earth: each child has an unusual talent or skill that they are better at than most people
As part of finding that special talent or skill through Acton, learners sample a variety of experiences in their elementary years, trying out different roles and skills to get familiar with their gifts. This year, robotics, Ancient Greece, gardening, detective science, entrepreneurship, and drama were among the topics. On the docket for next year: game design, Colonial America, entomology, sourcing electricity, and of course entrepreneurship (every year)!

There are thousands of hierarchies in the world. Finding the right one to climb with joy leads to a very rich life. Combining many different topics within a structure that encourages learners to aim high in what they accomplish and reflect on their experience often is a joyful and interesting experience and the foundation to the long term journey of our favorite equation: 


something you love + a need you see = your calling

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Molly Franklin Lucia
Head of School

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Availability: Following our slow growth model, we have two spots in the Elementary Studio (1st-5th) and four spots in Spark (preschool-K) for Fall 2021.