Week #29 and Good Games

Winning is fun; losing is hard; sportsmanship is essential! 
We start early and often in Spark (preschool-K) with the practice of saying "good game," each time a game is complete. 

Eventually, learners are challenged with more mature concepts around what makes a game good:
-Do you feel more satisfied if you win against an easy opponent OR play really well against a challenging opponent but lose?
-If you are in a different class of ability than your opponent, what do you do to make it a good game? Get down on your knees to make yourself shorter, use a different hand than you usually do, or coach them how to try to beat you?

-Is sportsmanship more about integrity or more about integrity or more about perseverance?
-Do you think it is more challenging to: Hold yourself accountable to excellent sportsmanship OR hold others accountable to excellent sportsmanship? 

Often, we bridge these discussions to the application of excellent sportsmanship to other areas, such as Core Skills (our daily block in the Elementary Studio for focusing on reading, writing, and math):
"When a fellow traveler shows frustration in core skills, what is the most helpful thing for you to do? Offer guidance and encouragement  OR  stay focused and don’t give in to distraction?"

Does your family value a "good game?" Do you want your child to learn these lessons now so they can carry the integrity and perseverance that comes from them with them forever? Schedule a tour or give us a ring (214-868-6686) to get started. 
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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