Week #28 and Town Hall

When you were in school, did you ever have...
☑️a question or issue to discuss and vote on solutions?
☑️an idea for something new to improve in your community?
☑️something positive that you had noticed about your community for which you would like to express gratitude/celebrate?
☑️an announcement?
The engagement is high when a learner shares something they have placed in the Town Hall Box.

At Acton, learners put these in the TOWN HALL BOX! Then they present what they put in the box and call on others for questions and comments. After that, there’s a vote, if applicable. Sometimes it falls flat. Other times it solicits disagreement and a close vote. Other times it’s exciting and causes the enthusiasm in the studio to skyrocket. 
Early last week in the Elementary Studio, there were two back to back town halls: one proposing a “Yes Day” on the last day of the session IF everyone moves up a freedom level (our system for learners to gain more freedom as they show more responsibility); another proposing that Core Skills time (our morning block for reading, writing, math) be silent for longer than it already is. Both proposals passed. In the days after, learners referred to these town hall decisions often as they encouraged and checked in with one another.

As Sparks play games, they are building skills needed to be part of Town Hall in the Elementary Studio.

There’s something special that transpires when a learner has an idea and then utilizes the systems in the studio to make it happen. It’s how we become stronger as a learner-driven community--a place where children make choices, and those decisions drive their experience. The result: high enthusiasm and deep lifelong lessons. 
Are you ready for your child to have such an opportunity? Schedule a tour or give us a ring (214-868-6686) to get started. 
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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