Week #24 and Profound Respect

Have you ever heard this story? It’s about a group of people who were waiting for their tribe’s chosen one. One day, they are told from a reliable source that that person is one of them. This knowledge transformed their relationships. They suddenly saw infinite potential in one another, despite all the difficulties of living life together.

At Acton, we see infinite potential in every child. While we don’t know the details, we believe there are unique gifts in each of them that they are on a journey to discover and sharpen. It’s a long road, but worth it in every way because these gifts are precious and important!
Calling on one another and listening is part of profound respect for each individual.

This mindset informs every interaction we have at Acton Academy Lakewood.
Think of an adult that tapped into their unique gifts and had the courage to share them with the world. It can be someone famous, such as Madame Curie, or someone not famous--perhaps your mother or father. Knowing who this person would become, how do you treat them as a child? This isn’t about attempting to create an easy path or not holding boundaries. It’s about listening. About never accepting a victim mindset. About an ethic of excellence. About a profound respect for each individual.

Young children naturally see the benefits of everyone having unique strengths to contribute to the game!

Ready for your child to be treated with profound respect?
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Molly Franklin
Head of School
Photos from last week.