Week #22 and Excellence Standards

“How you do anything is how you do everything” is the way we roll at Acton. We use a system for excellence standards that meets learners right where they are but also builds a culture of rigor.
The first time raising butterflies.

When it’s a learner’s first time doing something, the first question, “Is this your best work?” sets the tone and lays the foundation.

When evaluating excellence for something that was attempted before, learners are asked “Is this better than last time?” and look at both pieces of work to compare.

Last week learners tasted vegetables and herbs to decide which ones they'd like to grow.

Going deeper, as work quality soars and especially as learners move into middle school, “How does it compare to a world-class example?” is an important question at Acton. Finally, “Have you won a contest for this work?” and “Has it been approved for a public exhibition?” are used instead of an adult judging arbitrarily.

These excellence standards are one of the important recipes of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation at Acton Academy Lakewood.

Wishing you excellence in whatever you are doing today,
Molly Franklin
Head of School

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Photos from last week.