Week #18 and The Power of Exhibitions

Robots were all the rage in the studio last week...

This week is our exhibition for Session Four. That means that, instead of taking an end of the unit exam, learners will be challenged to show what they have learned through a creative event for an audience of their peers, families, and professionals. 

In other words...it’s almost curtain time. Ready?

The energy in the studio during this time is a mix of nervousness and excitement. 

For me, it’s fascinating, because if we can hang in there, watch, observe, and use curiosity to learn more about these learners, exhibitions become a powerful reflective space for them to grow.

This won’t be accomplished by focusing on wanting to fix, improve, or praise these young learners. Instead, they’ll be bombarded with curiosity about how they did their work. 
1. Tell me more about how you came up with your idea.
2. Did your project end up like you imagined that it would? If yes, how did you do that? If not, which parts did not meet your expectations?
3. What did you think of your exhibition today? Would you change anything? What would you do differently next time? 
4. What was your favorite or most satisfying part of today’s exhibition?

We are looking forward to the lightbulb moments as a result of this exhibition (there always are). Learners will perform a song together, compete in a robotics competition, and have a Socratic discussion about technology. 
Molly Franklin
Head of School
More photos from last week.
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