Week #17 and Sending Them Back Into the Game

Last week I wrote about the distinctive nature of a learner-driven community: "Learner-driven” is different than “learner-centered,” where the emphasis is on a pretty package specially designed to meet a learner’s individual needs. At Acton, the emphasis is on the skill of making good decisions, and of course, accepting the consequences of those decisions.

As Laura Sandefer said in her blog yesterday, 
It shows up as an exquisite respect for children – their work, abilities and power. We trust children to do hard things including governing themselves, holding themselves accountable and working towards excellence.  And, we look to the children when there are problems to solve in the community.

As a parent, it can be challenging to see my children doing hard things.  I can relate to the instinct to remove the hurdles, rescue, or even make excuses instead of seeing my daughter do the work of taking responsibility and solving her own problems. “How about I call x and get this sorted out?” usually slips out of my mouth before I look at my daughter’s face and am reminded of how capable she is.

Last week learners finished up the coding portion of this session's theme: Coding and Robotics. This week, on to robots!

Parents at Acton Academy Lakewood inspire me every day. When their children are working through tough times, they “give them a hug and send them back into the game.” 

This gesture sends a powerful message to their learner (Yes, we believe in you!) and is crucial for finding each learner’s unique gifts.

Do you want your child to be part of a school where, when they encounter tough times, your role is to give them a hug and send them back into the game? Acton Academy Lakewood might be a good fit for your family. Schedule a tour to take the next step in finding out.

Molly Franklin
Head of School

More photos from last week.