Week #16 and "Learner-Driven"

Everything we do is a little step toward our learners doing it themselves. The energy for their journey at Acton Academy Lakewood comes from the decisions they make, and they are constantly presented with choices, both formally and informally.

The ultimate goal: The adults have left the room and no one misses a beat.
An excellent closing circle (we call it "Landing") in the Elementary Studio sans adults.

“Learner-driven” is different than “learner-centered,” where the emphasis is on a pretty package specially designed to meet a learner’s individual needs. At Acton, the emphasis is on the skill of making good decisions, and of course, accepting the consequences of those decisions. 

Our philosophy: 
Clear thinking leads to good decisions.
Good decisions lead to the right habits.
The right habits become character.
Character determines destiny.

A six-year-old rises to the occasion in leading two four-year-olds in trying out the instructions for toast he helped to write (technical writing project).

Do you want your child to be in a place designed to present them with choices, and for those decisions to drive their experience and learning (I can’t think of anything more respectful and empowering to a young person)? Give us a call or schedule a tour to see the special place (our studio!) where “learner-driven” happens. 

Have a great week,
Molly Franklin
Head of School

More photos from last week.