Week #14 and Computational Thinking

Last session, we focused on Ancient Greece. And now for something completely different...Coding and Robotics! Why? Because breadth is important to us. Introducing new topics stokes the flames of our learners' curiosity about the wondrous world we live in. 
Beginning with simple graph paper programming--a perfect opportunity for younger and older children to learn together.

When learners sharpen their coding skills, they are also sharpening their computational thinking skills—training their brains to pay attention to the way big problems can be broken down into small pieces.

This learner writes a code for his team to follow on graph paper. Will the instructions (code) be so clear that your friends (robots) do exactly what you wanted them to do on the graph paper?

This session's Writer's Workshop is focused on technical writing (writing instructions). Like coding, instructions must be clear. Unlike coding, technical writing can be more engaging and nuanced for the human audience (ever thought of how your car manual could be improved?).

To experience someone else's technical writing, leaners followed a recipe for simple rice cereal treats.

Next, we'll use our theme to dive deeper into the topic of digital citizenship.

The enormous challenge that learners encounter when learning to code is offset by their enormous level of engagement.

Have a great week,
Molly Franklin
Head of School

More photos from last week.

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