Week #11 and Hard Questions From Ancient Greece

“Democracy is only as effective as the education system that surrounds it.” 
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? 

Should voting be a privilege given to those who have educated themselves on the issues and candidates, or is it a fundamental right that should be given to anyone? 

If you think it should be a privilege, where do you draw the line with how much you should know? 

If you think it should remain a right, where do you draw the line on the decisions the majority makes? What if someone is elected who has malicious intentions? What if a law is passed that is harmful to children? 

Was Socrates right to question the institution of democracy in Athens? Should citizens be more loyal or more critical of their government? Which is better for the health of a democracy? 

                                 Making wax tablets--"reusable paper" from Ancient Greece.

These are among the questions that our Elementary Learners responded to last week as we launched Session 3: Ancient Athens. 

What’s the right answer? One that is explained clearly and respectfully! What if someone answers one way, and changes their mind after hearing from their studio mates? Fantastic! 

        Our youngest learners enjoyed making a wax tablet as a group.

At Acton Academy Lakewood, there is a time for everything, and we are so happy to have a time for hard questions and the freedom to respond without fear--not only during this time of focusing on Ancient Greece but each and every day. After all, talking is thinking, and by putting their ideas out there and wrestling with them in connection with others, learners grow. 

Molly Franklin
Head of School

Check out more photos from last week.
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