Week #10 and The Children's Business Fair

Last week we had the grand finale of Session 2: Entrepreneurship! 

The goals for our Elementary learners were simple but far-reaching: 
  1. To learn more about themselves and what they love.
  2. To learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible;
  3. To create a business for the Children’s Business Fair!
Learners dove into a range of activities around what motivates them, what they want their business to look and feel like, attracting the customers they want, cost of goods, and pricing.
Once it was showtime, the answers to these questions were apparent to learners:

Did I care enough about what I do to study it and make it better?
Did I create signs that were legible and persuasive? 
Was I able to do the math to give the correct change? 
Did I engage with my customers properly?
Were my customers satisfied? 
Did I make a profit? 

Exhibitions at Acton include failure and struggle. They are not pristine, tightly managed school performances. 

Each and every learner put themselves out there in some way and we are so thankful they had the unique experience of learning that the Children’s Business Fair brings.
Our Spark Studio learners (pre-K, K) got their feet wet with selling by hosting the snack shop.

Like all Acton exhibitions, in addition to letting the learners shine, the Children's Business Fair lets learners experience the real-world consequences of not giving one’s best to a project. This may be the most important learning of all!

Friday, the day after the Children's Business Fair, was a day of reflection and extra fun. These learners already know some of the ways they will do their business differently next time around, and are excited for Session 3: Acton Athens (Ancient Greece)!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 
We are so grateful for our wonderful learners and their families!!!

Molly Franklin
Head of School

Check out more photos from last week.
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