Imitating and Year 3, Week #9!

How are young children able to learn so many new things so quickly?

Developmental psychologists concur. Young children learn so many things so quickly largely because of their extraordinary ability to imitate – to mimic what they see and hear. Have you ever felt amazed when your children repeat something they have seen or heard – hours or even days later?

At Acton we leverage this gift by being mindful of how we as adults act, and then providing ample opportunities for imitation.

Sparks (preschool-Kinder) do this primarily through play, but also through our simple systems of leading the line or speaking up when the group needs to get back on track. These acts of "acting like the teacher" are honored, the same as if coming from the adult in the room.

The systems offered in the Acton Elementary Studio are designed to be a bridge between learning by imitating and becoming a person worth imitating. As the competency of learners increases, their dependence decreases.

Mixed-age elementary learners giving, receiving, and working with feedback about writing.

Everything the adults in the room do is a baby step toward the learners' doing it themselves. The ultimate goal: adults are gone and everything carries on excellently. This is radically different from the unspoken goals of a traditional classroom.

And just think--it all starts with leveraging a gift from child development: imitation.

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Molly Franklin Lucia, M.Ed.
Head of School